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Vinyl Gloves

● Alternatives of latex examination gloves
● DEHP, DBP, BBP, DNOP and DIDP free, safe for body
● Made from high temperature of 250 degrees, not easy to pierce, prevents the spreading of germs well
● Latex free, no anaphylaxis for skin
● Fits either of your hands well, easy to put on and take off
● Acid and alkali resistant
  • PVC Gloves

    PVC Gloves

    Product name: PVC gloves PVC gloves are made from Polyvinyl chloride materials. Wearing comfortable, especially suitable for the feel fine works with fingertips. Ambidextrous fit either hand. PVC product for oil, lotion etc Wrist cuff strength cuff area quality. Widely used...Read More
  • CE Approved Vinyl Gloves

    CE Approved Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: CE approved vinyl gloves Ideal for providing care or treatment in procedures involving minimal risk of biological contamination. Cost-effective solution where frequent glove changes are required. Latex-free vinyl eliminates allergy concerns for both caregiver...Read More
  • Cheap Vinyl Gloves

    Cheap Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: cheap vinyl gloves Production and sale of disposable vinyl gloves, export to United States and European Union. This glovs has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provision of ISO13485:2003. Vinyl gloves DEHP free is recommended as an althernative for...Read More
  • Household Gloves

    Household Gloves

    Product name: household gloves Wearing comfortable, especially suitable for the feel fine works with fingertips. Not made Natural Rubber latex. It is available for latex allergy users. Light-duty cleaning. Gardening. Food handling & processing. D etails: ● Non-phthalate...Read More
  • Work Gloves

    Work Gloves

    Product name: work gloves Work gloves help to isolate hands from bacteria while providing very good overall protection. Wearing comfortable, especially suitable for the feel fine works with fingertips. D etails: ● Non-phthalate vinyl gloves ● Non-sterile ● Not made with...Read More
  • Latex Free Vinyl Gloves

    Latex Free Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: latex free vinyl gloves Vinyl gloves are economical as compared to Nitrile Examination Gloves. Latex Free Vinyl Gloves can withstand IPA washing and are widely used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, laboratories & health care. These gloves are ideal for...Read More
  • Clear Exam Vinyl Gloves

    Clear Exam Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: clear exam vinyl gloves We submitted the vinyl gloves to SGS agent and test requested US California Proposition 65-Phthalate content and conclusion is PASS. Also, we test items DBP, BBP, DEHP, DINP, DNOP, DIDP and conclusion is PASS. The limit for phthalates is...Read More
  • Pre-powdered Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Pre-powdered Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Product name: pre-powdered vinyl exam gloves We have stringent quality control systerm, and can fulfill products design and development, and accord with international standard production manufacturing capacity. Light powdered and weight. Medical use. Ambidextrous gloves....Read More
  • Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

    Product name: powder free vinyl exam gloves Vinyl Disposable Powder Free Exam Gloves is 3.5 Mil Thick. Medical and Non-Latex Vinyl Disposable Powder Free Gloves. Allow repeated use in direct contact with food. Medical Exam Grade Vinyl Disposable Powder Free Gloves keeps hands...Read More
  • Medical Vinyl Gloves

    Medical Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: medical vinyl gloves Plasticized PVC is a common material for medical gloves. Due to vinyl gloves having less flexibility and elasticity, several guidelines recommend either latex or nitrile gloves for clinical care and procedures that require manual dexterity...Read More
  • High Quality Vinyl Gloves

    High Quality Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: high quality vinyl gloves Vinyl gloves show poor resistance to many chemicals, including glutaraldehyde-based products and alcohols used in formulation of disinfectants for swabbing down work surfaces or in hand rubs. D etails: ● Non-phthalate vinyl gloves ●...Read More
  • Surgical Gloves

    Surgical Gloves

    Product name: surgical gloves There are two main types of medical gloves: examination and surgical. Surgical gloves have more precise sizing with a better precision and sensitivity and are made to a higher standard. Examination gloves are available as either sterile or...Read More
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