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Vinyl Gloves

Dihong: Professional vinyl gloves manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a ISO13485, CE, SGS certified factory. Welcome to wholesale bulk vinyl gloves at low price here and get the quotation from us.
Vinyl gloves are made of Vinyl through special process. Gloves contain no allergens, no powder, low dust content, low ion content, no plasticizer, ester, silicone oil and other components, with strong chemical resistance, good flexibility and tactility, easy to wear, with anti-static performance, can be used in a dust-free environment.
● Alternatives of latex examination gloves
● DEHP, DBP, BBP, DNOP and DIDP free, safe for body
● Made from high temperature of 250 degrees, not easy to pierce, prevents the spreading of germs well
● Latex free, no anaphylaxis for skin
● Fits either of your hands well, easy to put on and take off
● Acid and alkali resistant
Precautions for use of Vinyl gloves
1. Disposable Vinyl gloves do not have high temperature resistance and insulation performance. It is not allowed to be used in high-temperature working place, and it is not allowed to be used as insulating gloves.
2. Do not use once they are cut, which will affect the protective effect.
3. The Vinyl gloves should be ventilated and dry during storage to prevent damp and mildew.
4. When using it, do not touch corrosive substances.
  • Clear Vinyl Gloves

    Clear Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: clear vinyl gloves Hot sale vinyl gloves Excellent fit and comfort Specification: Pre-powdered & Powder free Fits either hand Multi-purpose protection for food handling, painting, bodycare and household. Vinyl Gloves act as a 'second skin' and are...Read More
  • Clear Pre-powdered Vinyl Gloves

    Clear Pre-powdered Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: clear pre-powdered vinyl gloves ● Special Features : 1. Latex-free. 2. Best for food industry, hotels, catering service. 3. Ideal for doctors with latex allergy. ● Material : 100% Synthetic Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), No Natural Rubber Latex ● Color : Clear /...Read More
  • Clear Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

    Clear Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: clear powder free vinyl gloves Translucent powder free vinyl gloves that provide an economical and affordable solution to hand protection. Formulated from synthetic components and soft PVC material for general purpose and non-medical use. 100percent rubber latex...Read More
  • Blue Vinyl Gloves

    Blue Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: blue vinyl gloves ● Help to isolate hands from bacteria ● Specification: Pre-powdered & Powder free ● Latex free for messy jobs ● Recommended use includes painting, gardening, cleaning and dozens of work related and household chores ● Non-sterile ● One size...Read More
  • Blue Pre-powdered Vinyl Gloves

    Blue Pre-powdered Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: blue pre-powdered vinyl gloves Durable blue vinyl gloves Powder coated for easy slip on Keep hands clean from paints and solvents Package includes 50 pairs of gloves Great for use with spray paint and urban art Non-phthalate vinyl gloves Light powder with blue...Read More
  • Blue Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

    Blue Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: blue powder free vinyl gloves Non Sterile Vinyl Disposable Gloves, Blue color, Powder free. - Is in conformity with the essential requirements of Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC (including 2007/47/EC) for Class I non sterile medical devices. - The...Read More
  • Color Vinyl Gloves

    Color Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: color vinyl gloves Vinyl gloves with CE marking which are manufactured by our company all comply with EU Medical Device Directives (93/42/EEC), and realiza their expected uses. All CE files have been certified by the company and relevant notifying body,...Read More
  • Color Pre-powdered Vinyl Gloves

    Color Pre-powdered Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: color pre-powdered vinyl gloves Disposable non-sterile, single-use vinyl gloves for food service, painting, janitorial, and other industrial applications Made of vinyl to help reduce allergic reaction and for activities that require frequent changes of gloves...Read More
  • Color Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

    Color Powder Free Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: color powder free vinyl gloves Economical alternative for low-risk exposure and tasks Non-sterile, ambidextrous, powder-free, single-use Smooth finish provides excellent tactile sensitivity and a comfortable fit Beaded cuff for added strength and ease in donning...Read More
  • Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: disposable vinyl gloves MULTIPURPOSE GLOVES - These clear high-quality vinyl PVC gloves are a great multipurpose solution to handle any kind of materials that needs protection from bacteria. Also, protect your skin from getting dried out and irritated!...Read More
  • Industrial Vinyl Gloves

    Industrial Vinyl Gloves

    Product name: industrial vinyl gloves Industrial grade vinyl gloves help to isolate hands from bacteria while providing very good overall protection. Not made with Natural Rubber Latex Food handling in restaurants, food processing plants, hair salon, painting, gardening,...Read More
  • Vinyl Gloves Food Grade

    Vinyl Gloves Food Grade

    Product name: vinyl gloves food grade Food garde vinyl gloves made from Synthetic Vinyl material, free from latex protein that might cause an allergy to human body. It is available for latex allergy users. Choiceness Formula, Advanced Technology, Soft Feel, Comfortable, Skid...Read More
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We're professional vinyl gloves manufacturers and suppliers in China, supplying bulk vinyl gloves with low price here. Feel free to wholesale cheap vinyl gloves from our factory and check the quotation with us now.