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Use Range Of PE Gloves
Jan 17, 2018

PE gloves, also known as disposable PE gloves, is a kind of plastic gloves. PE gloves are used polyethylene LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE blown film, is a one-time use of gloves.

PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene English name polyethylene.

It is very convenient to use, but also because of its surface through the concave-convex processing, can prevent adhesion, can be mixed with hand and hand, at present to become widely used products.

PE Gloves Features: Waterproof, oil, anti-bacteria, acid and alkali-resistant function, anti-bacterial.

PE gloves are often used in household cleaning, laboratory testing, mechanical gardening, food, health and industrial and agricultural protection, dyeing hair, nursing washing, dining and so on. Almost all the disposable transparent gloves seen in life are PE gloves.