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The Reasons For The Popularity Of Disposable PE Gloves
Jan 17, 2018

Disposable PE gloves using non-toxic high-pressure polyethylene raw materials, advanced production technology processing. This product non-toxic tasteless, good gas tightness, sealing and cutting firm, complete specifications, cheap, direct contact with food widely used in hotels, hotels, food industry, medical units, supermarket research units, and direct access to the family.

Disposable PE gloves using ultraviolet disinfection, such as a variety of processes, one-time molding after ultraviolet disinfection packaging storage.

Disposable PE gloves, feel good performance, easy to carry, to avoid the repeated use of the link to prevent cross infection opportunities for consumers to save a lot of manpower and material resources, reduce costs, for the general consumer health services, has been welcomed by consumers.

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