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The Main Production Process Of Disposable Gloves
Jan 19, 2018

Disposable gloves are focused on hand care and skin sensitive JM are preferred. The glove has a very large effect. It is our good helper to do housework, many friends working in the bank to use it to order money, can effectively protect their hands. Do food sales wear such gloves, clean and sanitary, in short, we can according to the day-to-day needs of their own to develop its use. The quality of the gloves is very good, if not a special requirement for hygiene, for example, after the sale of food, can be used to clean up, so that the best use, a box of gloves can be used for a long time, the opponent's skin has a good protection, no matter when and where can proudly show our hands, disposable gloves can be used for food processing, Housekeeping, health care, labor protection, machine maintenance, paint painting and so on.

Disposable Gloves Main production process:

Raw materials inspection, collar, mixing, testing, filter, on-line use, plastic molding , molding, finished scrap separation, inspection, packaging, warehousing, shipping inspection, packing shipments.

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