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Instructions For The Use Of PE Gloves
Jan 17, 2018

Disposable PE gloves using (LDPE/HDPE) low, high-density polyethylene materials, with other auxiliaries refined processing, disposable PE gloves surface has concave or flat, bright color, transparent, uniform thickness, easy to wear, comfortable.


One-time use, waterproof, oil, acid, alkali, safe, non-toxic, environmental protection.

Low price.

Soft, comfortable and hand-pasting. Has the characteristics of durability and safety.


1. Non-contact with oil, acid, alkali, copper, manganese and other products harmful to the metal and chemical drugs;

2. It is forbidden to direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays.

Instructions for use

1. This product is not divided into the right hand, please select suitable for this manual type of gloves;

2. Wear gloves, no ring or other ornaments, pay attention to trim nails;

3. This product is limited to one-time use, after the use of products, according to garbage treatment, to prevent bacteria on environmental pollution.

Storage conditions, methods

Should be stored in a well-ventilated, cool and dry warehouse (indoor temperature below 30 degrees, relative humidity 80% below) from the ground 200mm shelf.