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Four Characteristics And Four Features Of Disposable Plastic Gloves
Jan 19, 2018

Characteristics of disposable plastic gloves:

1. Health use, rest assured that the material, safe and clean health

2. Non-toxic tasteless, material selection, no more raw ingredients

3. Clean, dust-proof, dirt-reducing Zhanshou

4. Simple and convenient, easy to use, light and flexible

Disposable plastic gloves features:

One, good sealing, pollution-proof, extraction design can be single extraction, easy to use

Two, the use of PE materials, environmental hygiene, waterproof leak, remove the trouble of washing

Three, transparent embossing processing, homogeneous texture, strong toughness, not easy to break, not easy to leak

Four, a wide range of applications can be used for home, medical, food, hair dye, factory protection and so on