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Basic Raw Materials For PVC Gloves
Jan 17, 2018

The basic raw material of PVC glove is PVC paste resin, plasticizer (DOP\DINP), viscosity reducing agent (solvent oil), heat stabilizer, coloring agent, filler.

PVC referred to as PVC, is made of vinyl chloride monomer polymerization of macromolecule, polymerization degree can be controlled by reaction temperature and polymerization molecular weight regulator.

Plasticizer is the largest additive variety in modern plastics industry, which plays a decisive role in promoting the development of plastics industry, especially polyvinyl chloride industry. Where the resin can be mixed evenly, mixing without chemical changes, but can reduce the glass temperature of the material and plastic molding process melt viscosity.

The role of the heat stabilizer is to capture HCL-prepared hydrogen chloride reaction.

Viscosity reducing agent is a kind of diluent to reduce the viscosity of PVC paste resin material.