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Why disposable LDPE gloves are so durable
Jan 19, 2018

Good quality disposable LDPE gloves, although it looks thin, but very strong, generally difficult to break, the protection of our hands can be said to be very good. There are a number of reasons why the gloves are so strong, and here's a quick list of some of the more convincing reasons for durability.

Good materials, really durable, disposable LDPE gloves high acid-base resistance, non-toxic tasteless sterile, safe and hygienic, good toughness.

Thickening heavier quality good, than the market generally to thick, grams of foot, oil, waterproof, anti-fouling effect is good.

Highly flexible, Seiko agents of good toughness, not easy to break, improve the use rate, the use of rest assured safety.

Use crawl when more stable, good transparency, not easy to slide, gloss brightness.

Disposable LDPE gloves are produced by regular manufacturers, with many years of production experience, mature technology, experienced, stable quality, fast delivery.

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