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Use of disposable apron
Jan 19, 2018

With the apron used more and more frequently, the apron is more and more popular, but some large dirt, ordinary apron after contamination is difficult to wash off, so we designed a disposable apron. Relative to the ordinary apron, the relative price of the disposable apron is very low, so you can use a disposable apron to replace the ordinary apron, which can save a lot of money, and no longer need to clean, and then throw directly to the trash cans as garbage disposal, so as to avoid harm to the environment.

Nowadays, disposable aprons are becoming more and more extensive, and here are the features of disposable aprons:

1. The surface of disposable apron will undergo special processing technology, oil-resistant, washable, adhesion-proof, good ventilation.

2. Uniform thickness, wear around, feel comfortable, and anti-static function is very good.

3. Acid and alkali, can protect the clothes effectively, the skin is not harmed.

4. Generally used in medical, printing inks, hairdressing and other processing, but also widely used in the family's daily cleaning, kitchen grease and so on.

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