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The difference and use of disposable PE gloves and disposable PVC gloves
Mar 24, 2018

PE is polyethylene (material for cling film), PVC is PVC (material for some plastic products), so PE can contact food, and PVC is better not. Both are not very heat-resistant, especially PE.

PE and PVC are all plastics, PE is a polyethylene plastic, non-toxic, transparent, and air permeable. They are often used in the manufacture of daily necessities such as simple food packaging bags, disposable syringes, water supply and drainage tubes (easily degradable and aging), etc. PP is a polypropylene plastic. Non-toxic, highly transparent, high strength, corrosion resistance It has all the advantages of PE, commonly used in the manufacture of daily necessities, plastic medical devices such as transparent plastic basins, disposable syringes, etc. PVC is a PVC plastic is poor breathability, toxic and commonly used The decoration of interior walls and ceilings in daily necessities and architectural decoration, such as drainage pipes, etc.

PE gloves are suitable for food processing, scientific research, electronic dust-free workshops, and star hotels.

PE gloves characteristics: disposable PE gloves, LDPE / HDPE low, high density polyethylene material production, embossed surface, 10,000 loaded 1 box.

Advantages of PE gloves: disposable one-time use of PE gloves, waterproof, oil, acid, alkali, safe, non-toxic, environmental protection.

Disposable PE gloves are non-toxic and odorless, suitable for home and hotel kitchen food processing conditioning, hair dyeing, nursing and washing, cleaning access, hospital work, acid and alkali, anti-oil, can prevent dirty clothes during meal, low price, once PE gloves factory from fabric to finished one-stop production, one-time PE gloves can be customized customer specified thickness, color and size specifications, one-time PE gloves environmental protection does not contain heavy metals (lead, chromium) and other harmful substances, non-toxic, tasteless, Corrosion resistance, tear resistance, and no hard winter, can be customized into biodegradable fabrics and can be recycled.

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