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How to treat disposable gloves after medical use
Jan 19, 2018

Disposable plastic gloves for medical use and the use of gloves in our life after the treatment is not the same, we usually use the gloves can be directly thrown into the dustbin, but the hospital can not be handled so casually.

Medical disposable plastic gloves are not only widely used in medical industry, in the laboratory or food processing industry is also very common use, because these industries are very high health requirements, we implement the operation, in order to ensure cleanliness, to avoid bacterial infection between people, so the use of disposable gloves is very necessary. These gloves are generally made of rubber or thin plastic film, in the production of materials, must undergo rigorous testing, the use of non-toxic substances or chemical components of the material is the key.

However, medical disposable plastic gloves after use, to carry out appropriate sanitary treatment, after the use of such disposable gloves, immediately discarded in the dustbin, the dustbin should have a lid, so as to avoid its bacteria in the air to spread. The day of all the garbage cans in the medical waste disposal in a timely manner.

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