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Disposable PE gloves have great influence on electronics industry
Jan 19, 2018

Some electronic products processing plants, for small parts of the higher requirements, need to be in the dust-free room for processing, processing personnel to wear dust-free clothing and wear disposable PE gloves, details of our understanding.

Disposable PE gloves using modern technology technology will be molded PE material into gloves, good sealing so that gloves have the effect of oil pollution control, and thus widely used in electronic processing plants, car repair, mold processing industry applications. This glove does not contain latex ingredients, so it is more suitable for people with protein allergy.

Disposable PE gloves due to the processing of a relatively thin, when wearing close hands, in the processing of small parts, take it is more convenient, not only will not hurt the hands, and will not be printed on the product fingerprint, leaving sweat and other effects of product sensitivity of things. Good PE gloves are not easy to damage, the use of time is relatively long.

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