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Auto repair industry also needs disposable PE gloves
Jan 19, 2018

Now the vehicle is more and more, almost every family have, one to the holiday time, traffic on the special block, looking at all cars, the evening is spectacular. More car problems, so the auto repair industry is also relatively busy, we also know that vehicle maintenance will have more oil, repair master will wear disposable PE gloves, simple to understand the use of gloves.

The state and some employment units stipulate that the automobile repair industry in contact with chemical products, need to wear disposable PE gloves. Usually, rubber gloves refer to ding-eye and latex gloves. Ding-eye gloves are the most popular choice, withstand the chemical corrosion of the automobile repair industry, can guarantee the comfort and flexibility of the hand, but also make a variety of colors, to facilitate the auto repair master in different work to make a better choice. and latex gloves on the automobile repair industry, the chemical material tolerance is poor, easy to corrosion and swelling, affect the comfort of wearing, but also reduce the efficiency, can only be used as a general protection.

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