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An important benchmark for the qualification of disposable PE Gloves
Jan 19, 2018

Disposable PE gloves are qualified or not mainly look at the following points:

1. See whether the disposable PE gloves are clothes, whether the fingers are round, two is the same size, whether or not the right or left.

2. See whether the edge is neat, whether the distance evenly, whether there is a break, air leakage, scrap silk residue.

3. See whether the color is transparent white consistent, the surface is broken holes, cracks.

4. Before use to check whether there is damage to the situation, or whether there are different thickness of the place, if there is damage, the use of the time will hurt the skin.

5. You can rinse and dry for later use, but do not keep it in high temperature places.

6. Disposable PE gloves in use to comply with the instructions, to avoid contact with corrosive, fire and so on.

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